Fair Value Pro and our partners work closely together to ensure our clients receive a seamless and high quality service which perfectly fits their needs.

APV is one of Australia’s leading valuation firms. It specialises in the determination of ‘Fair Value’ under the accounting standards for a wide range of public sector entities, local governments, NFP entities and private sector organisations. It operates in every state of Australia and also undertakes projects outside of Australia.


APV can assist in the initial setup of FVP as well as provide technical and education assistance. They provide clients with the full gambit of options from APV delivering the valuation in full using FVP, working with clients through a collaborative approach, peer reviews, provision of specific information or simply helping with the initial set up of the DIY solution.

Laurie Knight Local Gov Consulting is a business dedicated to providing high quality services to the Local Government sector in the areas of Corporate Governance & Support, Financial Management, Systems Review and Implementation, Project Management and Staff Training.  The business partners, Laurie Knight and Edna Mendes have a long professional association with the local government industry working both directly for Councils, and for the private sector consulting specifically to local government.

After working for major corporate businesses supplying services to the local government industry for the past 10 years or so, the partners have recognised an opportunity to make a real difference in service delivery, guaranteeing a quality outcome with a personal touch that cannot be matched by the major corporates.

The partners brings to the table a wealth of experience and expertise in the local government industry, with a strong knowledge of rural and regional issues impacting the sector and are available to assist councils and local government service providers to deliver high quality and competitive services to their staff and to their communities.