Login & Tools

The link below will take you to the login screen for Fair Value Pro.

To access Fair Value Pro you will need a valid User ID. Once subscribed to the system Fair Value Pro will establish a System Administrator User ID who in turn will provide users with their own User IDs and instructions. Any queries regarding User IDs and password should be directed to your organisations System Administrator.


It is recommended that once you click the link below that you save the ‘log in’ screen to your favourites. This will enable you to go direct to the login screen without the need to visit this site.


The attached tabs provide further information and links regarding the ‘Tablet Version’ and various instructions and support tools.


A range of instructions and guidance can be accessed from the ‘Help’ section in the Fair Value Pro cloud application.

Once you login this is located towards the bottom of the left hand menu pane. Included are instructions and guidance covering a range of topics.

Before setting up the Fair Value Pro ‘client file’ the System Administrator and other key users should take time to read the documents saved in the Help section of the Fair Value Pro cloud application.

If you have any queries please email info@fairvaluepro.com

The FVP Tablet version is a tool which can be used to undertake mobile data capture. It operates on a Windows 8 or 10 environment. 
As Fair Value Pro evolves the tablet version needs to be updated to reflect the new features. To obtain the latest version and installation instructions for the tablet version please email info@fairvaluepro.com


Like all software users are required to accept a range of standard terms and conditions. These cover generic issues and are designed to protect the rights of both the user and Fair Value Pro.

It is a requirement of subscription that users sign the ‘Confirmation of Subscription’ which includes acceptance to the standard terms and conditions. These can be downloaded and printed from the attached file.

FVP Standard Terms and Conditions